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Intrajasa serve payment services for any industries needs. We help merchants to serve payment to their end customers. The payment can be via Credit Card, Virtual Account and digital wallet such as OVO and LinkAja. We believe cashless payment through our technology can help merchants and their customers to do more efficient and profitable for their transaction.



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Benefits of working with us

FREE Set Up Fee and Maintenance

You can start the project with us at no cost. the fees charged are only the payment gateway transaction fee

Ease of Integration

With API document that easy to understand, you will also be guided by our tech team so will help you to make the integration much easier and faster

Dashboard Intrapayment

The Dashboard of Intrapayment shows the status Virtual Account (Unpaid,Paid, Expired), payment Status Credit Card (Sales, Void, Reject), Push Payment Status (Success, Not Approved, Blocked etc).

Report Transaction

Payment Report of Virtual Account and Credit Card can be downloaded in the Dashboard with PDF and Excel Format

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