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Every year, many thousands of Indonesians leave their home to move overseas and benefit from employment opportunities. From fishermen to engineers to medical therapists, there are now four million migrant works in countries as diverse as Malaysia and the US.

The migration is largely controlled and regulated by the government under BNP2TKI and there are many associations and companies sending skillful workers overseas for three-year contracts in conjunction with the Ministry of Manpower and Foreign Ministry.

Many make this choice with the intention of helping their family’s financial situation and have a need to transfer a portion of the money they earn to the people they love and support.

At Intrajasa we believe that the costs traditionally associated with remittance are too high and we aim to bring efficient and more cost-effective solution to the people of Indonesia.



At Intrajasa we recognise the vital part co-operatives play in the Indonesian
Community, offering vital financial services to those who would otherwise be

It is our intention to become part of that remarkable community and to offer
services of real value that genuinely help those who have not traditionally had
access to digital payment services. This can benefit people in many ways:

Receive money from migrant family and friends
Send money to family
Domestic transactions for goods and services
Indonesia is the world’s 15th biggest country made up of some 17,000 islands across the archipelago. Its diverse geography and rural nature makes money transfer difficult. Intrajasa simplifies that by virtue of its close links with the country’s co-operatives.




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